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What is MUN?

The term MUN stands for Model United Nations which is a simulation of the United Nations. In MUN conferences, students discuss current world issues from the different points of view of the represented nations. There are different committees dealing with various topics aiming to find a resolution in the interest of all nations.
A resolution consists of preambulatory clauses explaining the current situation, and operative clauses suggesting an action plan. Students represent countries as delegates and are asked to cooperate with others during the process of solving the problem.
The first day focuses on lobbying, i.e. exchanging ideas with delegates representing other countries and finally writing a resolution which will be submitted and debated on the next day.
All the resolutions are presented in the committee and students have the opportunity to speak in favour or against the resolution. Also, it is possible to submit amendments which either add new clauses or strike existing ones. In the voting procedure, the resolution is passed if the majority of delegates vote in favour of it. 
MUN is a great opportunity for students to improve their English skills as well their ability to address an audience. Participating in MUN is an experience which teaches students the importance of tolerance. Furthermore it provides numerous chances to approach principles that are crucial for the business routine, such as: teamwork, communication and taking over different perspective. Finally, MUN conferences help students to understand the diplomacy and international relations.

More information about MUN: http://www.model-un.de/de/was-ist-mun/


What is HEIMUN?


"HEIMUN" is our local and annual MUN conference. It is planned and organized by the students of the MUN-course. The idea of HEIMUN first came up in 2008. The thought behind this particular conference was providing a chance of a comfortable start in the MUN world, especially for students, who are not very experienced in debating and the procedure of MUN conferences in general yet. „HEIMUN“ is a great opportunity to learn how to do research on certain topics, speak in front of a big audience and improve English as well as one’s debating skills. Another advantage of attending the conference is that students become familiar with the procedures and structures of the United Nations. As this conference is not overwhelmingly large, its participants will be increasing their English as well as feeling more confident in talking English in front of other students and delivering speeches. The students of this year’s MUN-course are looking forward to host "HEIMUN 2019" this summer and the “Englisches Intitut Heidelberg” is more than happy to keep on with this tradition.

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