The 2016/17 MUN SeminarkursThe 2016/17 MUN Seminarkurs

hEImun 2017

Wednesday, the 12th of July. A group of pupils, mainly from schools other than the Englisches Institut Heidelberg, were formally dressed and occupied the cafeteria of the Ganztageszug. But what was the reason for this peculiar event? The answer could be found on a large banner hanging at the entrance of our school. Once again, the Model United Nations conference called hEImun was hosted by the Englisches Institut.

The Security Council in session, debating about security issues connected to waterThe Security Council in session, debating about security issues connected to water

Every year, our school invites pupils from both foreign and local schools to participate in the three-day conference which tries to model the United Nations. With the major topic of our conference this year being “Water in a Globalized World”, the pupils taking part in hEImun were split into four committees and tasked to find solutions for different problems connected to water. However, the event was not only debating about water, but also had social events connected to it, e.g. a barbecue on Thursday evening or spontaneous tours of Heidelberg on Wednesday.

All of the hEImun 2017 participants on one pictureAll of the hEImun 2017 participants on one picture

Although the amount of people participating this year was smaller than at hEImun 2016, there was still a lot of organizing to do, which would not have been possible without the help of the conference management, the press team, the chairs, our MUN director, the E.I.-Freundeskreis, our school, the cafeteria, and of course the delegates who took part at hEImun 2017, who were a vital part of the conference. If you are curious and want to find out more about MUN, just visit our MUN-AG and take part in next year’s hEImun conference!

Thomas Eby Pfeiffer (K1)